Testimonials – Author visits

Testimonials – Jack and Jill Kindergarten, Berowra.

Thanks so much Vanessa for coming out and sharing your book “The Bee Detectives” with our children 3-5 years old. The experience allowed them to learn so much more about Bees. We have had our native Bees for several years and had beekeepers out before. Your book took an in-depth look into classification, different ways they live, how they collect pollen and make honey.  It created lots of meaningful conversation with the children; your interactive book reading allowed them to share these ideas with each other. The extended activity afterwards of the magnifiers provided by Vanessa was a great extension to the book. The children were so excited to be their very own Bee detectives and really extended their learning.

Farran Street Long Day Care, Lane Cove

The ‘Bee Detectives’ was a fun and stimulating story that appealed to the young preschool audience it was being presented too! It was an easy read that was great on educating the children on different types of bees, their habitats and their purpose in our complex bio diverse ecosystem.  10/10 would recommend!


St Mark’s Primary School, Drummoyne

Vanessa Rendall’s presentation to the students in year 2 at St Mark’s on Bee’s was incredibly informative.  The students were bursting out of their seats to find out about bees, where they live and how important they are for the world’s survival.  Vanessa also read her book Bee Detectives which was about different types of Bees such as blue banded bees, teddy bear bees and the honey bees.

Students proceeded to look for Bees on the school playground, research Bees in technology and borrow books on Bees from our school library. Thank you so much Vanessa for creating a curiosity to seek out new information on Bees.
Year 2 would highly recommend you get Vanessa to visit your school for an incursion.
Monique Logan Year 2 Teacher.

What a wonderful incursion for the students. Thank-you very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and your new book with us.

Stage 2 teachers & Librarian – Mowbray Public School