Teacher tips and resources

Thanks so much Vanessa for coming out and sharing your book “The Bee Detectives” with our children 3-5 years old. The experience allowed them to learn so much more about Bees. We have had our native Bees for several years and had beekeepers out before. Your book took an in-depth look into classification, different ways they live, how they collect pollen and make honey.  It created lots of meaningful conversation with the children; your interactive book reading allowed them to share these ideas with each other. The extended activity afterwards of the magnifiers provided by Vanessa was a great extension to the book. The children were so excited to be their very own Bee detectives and really extended their learning. 

I was impressed with Vanessa’s professionalism in preparing the teacher notes for my picture book, In the Shadow of an Elephant. Her depth of knowledge on the multitude of topics covered was just incredible! She has compiled a 15-page document that will allow Educators and students an opportunity to explore conversations and discover different layers within the book.

Georgie Donaghey

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of Vanessa’s teacher notes for My Daddy is Different available from website. From the start, Vanessa was quick to respond to emails, efficient and professional and was willing to make changes when asked. She developed a comprehensive 15 page resource, as well as extra activity pages that extended the important themes of the story. The activities were linked to the Australian Curriculum and cater for Kindy through to Year Four.I wholeheartedly recommend Vanessa because her knowledge and expertise means that I now have a valuable teaching resource to provide alongside my book.