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Do you have a stingless bee hive or want your students to learn more about them?

Do you want to learn how to link informative and imaginative texts together?

I can visit your early childhood setting or primary school and present engaging story time sessions, science inquiry and literacy lessons.

Contact me via email – and I can come to any educational setting to talk.

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Click on this link for some teaching ideas that I will present at your educational setting. 


Stage One example: Science focus – 45 – 60 minutes (Living things. Life cycles, habitats)


Learn about what Stingless bees are.

The types of hives they live in.

What makes a good hive and where to look for them?

How have scientists used bees to help us in our everyday lives (Biomimicry)

Students can choose a characteristic of these bees and create a way we can use there features in our designs.


Stage three example:  Literacy 60 minutes with ongoing input from the teacher.


How to write a science based story.

We will work through how to research an Endangered Australian animal of choice through good quality research techniques and then delve into the drafting, editing, polishing, critiquing and illustrating techniques! 

This could lead to a whole class project with a timeline, marketing ideas and final copy created for the library or class use.